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UPDATED: December 4, 2001

Dear All,

I recently returned from a trip to Antigua to see the new dolphin facility which opened there called Dolphin Fantaseas. Dolphin Fantaseas has a tank in Anguilla which up until recently housed 6 wild caught Cuban dolphins. Three of those dolphins were flown to this new site in Antigua.

The body of water housing the dolphins is called Marina Bay. It is extremely small and looks more like a pond. Marina Bay was recently dredged to make it deeper however, it still appears to be very shallow. Due to the silty bottom and the dredging, the water is constantly stirred up. The female dolphin has been in isolation from the 2 males since she arrived many weeks ago. She languishes on the top of the water in a small pen looking bored and lethargic. Hopefully she is not sick.

Even more distressing is the news that the government of Antigua has approved a permit for John Mezzanotte to capture up to 12 dolphin annually from Antigua waters and has also issued a permit to export these dolphins to sources outside Antigua.

Please take a few minutes and either write your own letter to the parties below or send the prewritten letter I have provided. Be sure to sign your letter and state what country you are writing from. Do not forget to delete the above portion of your letter before sending and please forward this email to all contacts on your email lists.

Thank you.
Gwen McKenna


Fax: (268) 462 3225

Davin Joseph
Ministry of Planning
Fax: (268) 462 9338

Please be sure to cc: all letters to me at or fax copies of your letters to me at (905) 778-9612.

I have been informed that snail mail letters take months to arrive, if they arrive at all. However, if you wish to have the addresses for the people above, please contact me.


Dear Honorable Prime Minister Lester Bird,

I am aware that dolphin expert Ric O'Barry was recently denied entry into Antigua to give an educational lecture on dolphins and his release of two abandoned dolphins in Guatemala featured in the New York Times and People Magazine.

I understand your Government has said Mr. O'Barry's denied entry was for reasons of "national security" due to a misunderstanding about his background and that this ban will now be lifted.

I will be monitoring this situation with great interest and I certainly hope that freedom of speech will be permitted in a democratic country like Antigua, unlike Cuba and Afghanistan and Mr. O'Barry will be allowed to return to Antigua to give his lecture.

I am very disappointed to hear that the island of Antigua is now housing captive dolphins. I am equally disturbed to learn that your Government has granted John Mezzanotte "permission to capture up to 12 dolphins annually from Antigua waters and permission to import and export dolphins from and to sources outside Antigua

Most tourists today are looking for destinations that offer eco tourism where marine mammals like dolphins and whales can be enjoyed in their natural habitat. The public is no longer willing to buy into the falsehood that these highly intelligent animals, that swim long distances with their pods in a rich and ever changing environment, are happy being torn away from their families to live out their lives in small and unnatural environments purely to entertain us.

The capture methods used by those in the captivity industry are violent and inhumane. The targeted dolphins are chased by boat, separated from their families, netted and dragged against their will onto the capture boat. Many dolphins drown or die of injuries caused by capture methods used. Many dolphins die a short time later due to stress and their inability to conform to captivity.

The people of the United Kingdom have been successful in shutting down every facility that houses captive dolphins. Over seventy established or proposed aquariums in North America are now dolphin free facilities. In addition, countries such as Norway, Finland, certain states within Australia and India prohibit the display of captive dolphins and whales. This trend is on the rise.

The healthy tourist infrastructure is one where tourists can visit a destination with a clear conscience. Please do not be lured into exploiting dolphins. You may find the anticipated revenues from imprisoning dolphins, which is only going to benefit foreign investors, will be greatly exceeded by the loss of tourist dollars by those who disapprove of dolphins in captivity.

Please place Antigua on the cutting edge of conservation and education by closing down this cruel attraction on your island and stopping any dolphin captures from taking place. Thank you for your consideration.



A facility in Antigua is trying to capture  dolphins for a captive 'swim-with' program. We need your urgent reply to the following address' telling them that you are Canadian and will not consider Antigua as a travel destination if the capture of dolphins is permitted for any captive purpose.

URGENT:  They are already in the process of hiring boats for the capture, so your reply must be right away.  Also, please send us a copy of your letter via e-mail for our file.

E-mail address' for protest letters are as follows:
Environmental Awareness group
fax 268 463 7740

Chief Fisheries officer Cheryl Appleton
fax 268 462 1372

Government Environmental officer Diane Blacklane
fax 268 462 2438

Local newspaper
fax 268 480 1757

Local newspaper
fax 268 480 5968

ABSTV  Attention:  Trevor Parker
fax 268 462 6318

Radio station...ObserverRadio
268 481 9125 fax

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