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JULY 6, 2001

Animal advocates in Hawaii have been outraged over the activities of The Dolphin Institute (TDI), a research facility that has kept four dolphins captive for years in a small concrete tank on Oahu, only a stone's throw from their free-swimming kin in the ocean.

Recently, it was discovered that TDI has been concealing the death of one of the four dolphins for almost half a year. The dolphin's death has refocused attention on TDI and their plans to make the remaining three dolphins part of a new, public display facility in Maui's "Maui Nui" theme park.

While Maui residents do NOT want to see a new dolphin display facility built on their island, Maui County Council officials are considering it because of its potential as a tourist attraction. The Maui County Council will hold a hearing whether or not to move the remaining three dolphins to the Maui Nui theme park in upcoming weeks.


Contact the Maui County Council members as soon as possible, and ask them to respect the wishes of Maui's residents and to NOT allow a new dolphin holding facility to be built on Maui. Also ask them to urge TDI to either release the three remaining captive dolphins or, at the very least, move them to an already existing marine life facility.

Write to:

The Maui City Council, County of Maui, 200 South High St., Wailuku, HI 96793-2155
Ph: (808) 270-7838
Fax: (808) 270- 7686
or find individual contact information for each city council member at http://countyofmaui.m