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Help STOP The Minnesota Zoo From Purchasing Dolphins!
- August 30, 2000

This is the alert from the folks in Minn. trying to stop the import. Your letter to South African Govt. can be copied to the Gov.of Minnesota and the zoo to show them our opposition. If we are lucky, the zoo will not proceed, but more letters needed.

The Minnesota Zoo recently announced their intent to buy two South African dolphins at a price of $500,000. While this proposal is alarming for several reasons, there are two reasons that should really point out how wrong it is:
1) that this purchase will involve the removal of captive-born dolphins from their hemisphere, transport them half way around the world, replace them with wild dolphins
2)The Minnesota Zoo board would want to engage in this act of cruelty. As you may know, cetaceans do not survive well in captivity. Dolphins are highly social mammals who are very family oriented. It is not uncommon for mother dolphins and their calves, especially female calves, to remain together for years. Adult males may form strong bonds in pairs and trios, lasting up to ten years or more. Dolphin experts can attest to the fact that dolphins torn from their family/social groups suffer serious health problems in captivity and often die. The Minnesota Zoo has lost many marine mammals in the past and should know that captivity only leads to death.

This money should not be used to confine two more dolphins for the rest of their lives to a far from natural life. I would prefer to see the Minnesota Zoo spend these dollars on programs to protect dolphins and preserve their environment in the wild or on educational programs that do not use captive dolphins. If you do not want to see the Minnesota Zoo participate in this act of animal cruelty, call or write to the following individuals very soon, please.

Time is running out for two dolphins in South Africa:

  • Minnesota Zoo Board
    13000 Zoo Blvd.
    Apple Valley, MN
    fax: 952-431-9300

  • Governor Jessee Ventura
    130 State Capital Ave.
    75 Constitution Ave.
    St. Paul, MN 55155
    fax: 651-717-0799