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"It is my conclusion that the animals
at Marineland have suffered for many years"
- Paul Spong -


..Killer whale captivity is a cause of much concern to me. The capture and sale of these beautiful creatures has truly gotten out of hand. The only reason I can think of as to why we capture these gentle giants of the sea is the almighty dollar. What else could it be? Pure and simple, it's greed! Where are our hearts? Some people would believe if wild animals are kept in captivity the main justification must be to educate the public, for which we know is not true. It is better for mankind not to be educated on this issue than to take a free life and enslave it. The bottom line is these animals are being showcased as objects of amusement for commercial purposes. The first time you visit one of these circus acts, it's really great, and fun was had by all. That holds true to people like me that live in Oklahoma---no oceans--no whales. You start thinking about this captive issue and it can go further than your wildest dreams...



"Most zoos still maintain a carnival attitude, where entertainment and gate receipts come before all else"

- Zoocheck Canada -


..We do not need to. We must not teach our children that it is proper to treat animals in this way, it can only lead to a cycle of abuse. Marineland of Canada is one of the most controversial captive wildlife facilities in the world. Orca whales are the foundation for which Marineland of Canada was built. Removal of these orcas would create Marineland to have to look elsewhere for their headliner. Their ads display playful Orcas, Sea Lions etc. creating a paradise image. Established 30 years ago, Marineland of Canada has become one of the worst facilities or some would say the worst facility. It's hard to believe in this day and time people could actually pay money to to expose their children to such cruelty--showing their children that this is OK. Marineland of Canada is nothing more than a prison camp---a camp where you never return. Enslaving these whales and dolphins, we enslave ourselves. When will this cycle of abuse stop?


-Yaka -
..Wild animals are not meant to be owned, anymore than humans are..


..On Sept. 15, 1998 a new calf was born to Kiska (F) and Kandu (M) at Marineland of Canada. Marinelands other female Nootka gave birth to a female calf on May 7, 1998, which later died on June 7, 1998. Marineland seperates mothers from their calves at one year of age. Can you imagine someone taking your baby off at the age of one? Some calves were stored in an off exhibit warehouse pool. In the wild orca calves remain with their mothers and families their entire life span...


"Marineland of Niagara Falls, is in my opinion, one of the worst captive facilities in the world"
- Dr. Paul Spong -


..Possibly related to our beloved Keiko in Iceland being displayed at Marineland is Kiska, Kandu and Nootka. Records show they were all captured in the Icelandic waters. Records also indicate Keiko and Nootka were captured at the same time at the same place. Also possibly related to Keiko is Junior--the whale that died in a warehouse--never again seeing the light of day. They could prove this by DNA testing on both whales. Just imagine Nootka being returned to her home waters to live out the rest of her life--maybe even being reunited with our beloved Keiko!..