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- Page Updated: OCTOBER 15, 2001

This page has some of the letter writing campaigns I'm currrently working on. I've also added contact info and sample letters. Please feel free to use whatever you need from this page. THANKS for your interest and concern.


It's easy to get angry. It's tough to change things. Convincing people to change their views on things is a continuous struggle. Working together, we can move political mountains. As animal activists, we're just plain everyday people who share a deep concern for animals and the abuse that is inflicted upon them. We have decided that doing something beats doing nothing! I've added a new page LETTER WRITING TIPS for you to follow in your writing letters, faxes and e-mails.



takeaction ACT NOW FOR BELUGAS! BELUGA BABIES DOOMED AT SHEDD! Please ask the Chicago mayor to ban the breeding and importation of whales and dolphins within the city limits. Visit our NEWSPAGE for contacts.

takeaction STOP THE RUSSIAN CAPTURES OF ORCAS FOR THE JAPANESE AQUARIUM!! Your immediate attention is needed! Visit our NEWSPAGE for the list of contacts!


takeaction UPDATE ON TRANSFER OF U.S. DOLPHINS TO TORTOLA "SWIM-WITH" PROGRAM! YOUR LETTERS ARE NEEDED! Visit our NEWSPAGE for all the addresses you'll need to send your letters. THANKS!

takeaction VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION TO THE FAROE ISLAND'S PILOT WHALE SLAUGHTER! This is Sea Shepherd's latest campaign. Please send your letters today! Visit SEA SHEPHERD for all the info!

takeaction VANCOUVER AQUARIUM PURCHASES DOLPHIN FROM JAPAN! The aquarium in Oska, Japan regularly purchases dolphins from bloody dolphin drives! It's obvious that the Vancouver Aquarium supports the slaughter of innocent dolphins! Visit our NEWSPAGE for your list of contacts!

takeaction HELP STOP THE RESUMPTION OF COMMERCIAL WHALING! The countdown to commercial whaling is here! Visit GLOBAL WHALE ALLIANCE to sign their campaign!

takeaction TALBOT CLOTHERS TIED IN WITH JAPAN'S DOLPHIN AND WHALE SLAUGHTERS! What would Talbots have to do with the slaughter of innocent whales and dolphins? Visit our NEWSPAGE for the full story and contacts you need for your letters!

takeaction STOP DOLPHIN CAPTURES! A facility in Antigua is trying to capture dolphins for a "swim-with" program. URGENT! PLEASE SEND YOUR LETTERS TODAY! Visit our NEWSPAGE for contact info.

takeaction FUTO DOLPHIN SLAUGHERS! TAKE ACTION! More than twenty thousand dolphins are killed each year in Japan - a process which is sanctioned by the Japanese government. Dolphins are killed for meat and to provide dolphins for aquariums and swim with programs. Fishermen drive the dolphins into a bay, separate the number contracted by dolphin buyers then butcher the rest in a manner brutal beyond description! Visit BLUEVOICE.ORG to learn how you can help save some dolphins!

takeaction NORWAY TO SEEK LEGISLATION ON INDUSTRIAL SPERM WHALE AND ORCA HUNTS!! Norway is not only demanding that the IWC's provision banning commercial whaling (the moratorium) be rescinded, but is now calling for the removal of another critical provision that prohibits hunting by industrial "factory" ships of sperm whales, baleen whales and orcas! Visit WDCS to learn how you can help!!

takeaction LOBBYING FOR A MARINE MAMMAL IMPORT BAN IN CANADA - Please write to Canada's DFO Minister, Herb Dhaliwal and request that he impose an immediate moratorium on the capture, import, and export of marine mammals by Canada. Visit our ZOOCHECK NEWSPAGE for all the info!

takeaction HELP SAVE THE LA PAZ DOLPHINS! These dolphins are confined in a small wire-fenced cage. People that have been there have said that this is the worst dolphin facility they've ever seen! Please visit DOLPHIN PROJECT for the full gruesome story and to learn how you can help!

takeaction YOUR LETTERS ARE NEEDED! Norway to slaughter dolphins under the guise of "scientific research"! We CAN put a stop to this! Visit WDCS for the full story and to learn how you can help!

takeaction YOUR LETTERS ARE NEEDED FOR DOLPHINS BEING HELD AT MANATI PARK IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! This is a swim with dolphin program. Visit our NEWSPAGE to learn how you can help! This also has a sample letter.

takeaction MUNDO MARINO ALERT!! Please help us to close the infamous traveling dolphin circus, Water Land. Visit our NEWSPAGE to learn how you can help!

takeactionPLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION calling for the freedom of the three dolphins currently held at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

takeaction**URGENT**Help to prevent the capture of whales and dolphins in Argentine waters! Visit our ACTIONS PAGE for addresses and contacts!

takeactionPROTEST and help prevent a dolphin park!

takeactionList of CONTACTS to write to opposing the Makah Gray Whale Hunt.

takeaction PROTEST the construction of yet another "Swim With The Porpoise Facility!"


"Captive animals. I see the look in their eyes. It is a look I cannot forget, which I will not betray and which will follow me for the rest of my days"

..Virginia McKenna..