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Image Courtesy Of Mike

Please take a moment and sign these petitions! We can all make a difference! If there is a petition that you would like me to add to this page - just let me know! THANKS!

  • Petition regarding oil spills in Alaska's pristine waters.

  • Petition for inquiry to the orca deaths at Marineland.

  • Petition to stop dolphin imports and transfers in Mexico.

  • Send and online e-mail to protect Gray Whales from offshore drilling in the Pacific.

  • Petition to stop slaughtering seals in Canada.

  • Online petition to put a stop to "Dolphin Discovery" at Six Flags.

  • Help Return Luna To Her Home Waters!

  • Save Zambia's Elephants

  • Petition Presented To The National Assembly Of Quebec For The Adoption Of An Anti-Delphinarium Law.

  • Help Save Endangered Whales!

  • Stop The Japanese Whale Slaughter!

  • Help To Save Iris The DYING Dolphin!

  • Save The Whales From Navy Sonar Deployment!

  • Help Save The Dolphins At Manati Park Bavaro - Dominican Republic!

  • Support The Endangered Species Act!

  • Greenpeace Online Whale Sanctuary Petition

  • Oppose Oil Drilling In The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!

  • Lolita, Miami Seaquarium's Orca Needs A New Home!

  • Establish A Global Ban On Shark Finning!

  • Stop The Dolphinarium At Granby Park!

  • Stop The Bushmeat Trade/End Hunting Of Primates!

  • Stop Shark Finning In The Galapagos!

  • Stop Whaling By Japan And Norway!

  • No Oil Drilling In The Alaskan Wildlife Refuge!

  • Stop The Sale Of Fur Coats!