- Save The Dolphins At Manati Park -

Manati Park

You have supported this petition together with more then 3.100 other people interested in this issue. Unfortunately - so far - it is a very difficult struggle in the Dominican Republic to reach our goal to free these dolphins and to make an end to their suffering and their current situation of being misused in tiny tanks for entertainment and money making.

THERE IS HOPE NOW: The authorities in the Dominican Republic have changed lately and seem to be more interested in nature and animal conservation and therefore - to reach our common goal to free these dolphins - it would be a perfect time if it is possible for you to write just a one sentence email to the responsible parties addressed to:
bcc: freemanatidolphins@gmx.net

Lic. Daneris Santana
Subsecretario de Areas Protegidas y Biodiversidad
Secretaria de Medio Ambiente y Recursos Naturales

Honourable Sir,

Please finally close the Manati Park dolphin tank and release these dolphins to the wild!

Thank you,

You don't have to send a long drawn out letter, just a sentence similar to this - If more then 3100 people who signed the online petition could write just a one sentence letter NOW to the authorities we might finally reach our goal. Thanks for supporting this effort.

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