Help To Save The Dolphins at Water Land!

The traveling dolphin show ”Water Land” intends to stay in Trinidad and wants to move to the capital Port of Spain over the weekend. The government of Trinidad is still quite unwilling to help the mistreated dolphins. Please send letters or mails protesting against the cruel dolphin show.

You can find a sample letter below. Please do not forget to delete this upper portion and to insert your address, signature and the date. Thanks for your support.

Sample letter:

  • The Honorable Patrick Manning
    Prime Minister
    Office of the Prime Minister
    White Hall, Queen Park West
    Port of Spain
    Trinidad, West Indies
    Fax: 001-868-6220055
    E-mail: opm@ttgov.gov.tt

    Your Excellency:

    It has come to my attention that the very controversial traveling dolphin show Water Land is now operating in Trinidad. Water Land is known by the international animal welfare community as the last traveling dolphin show and is clearly the most abusive dolphin show in the world.

    The dolphins are transported by truck and airplane to various countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. At each destination the dolphins are put in a crude dolphin tank, which is nothing but a hole in the ground inserted with a plastic liner and filled with city water, bags of salt, and gallons of chlorine. For the following many weeks, the dolphins have to perform tricks with loud disco music blasting away in a hot circus tent.

    In 1997, a film crew inspected Water Land when they were operating in Venezuela. The dolphins were very sick, and the show had to be cancelled. When the dolphins wouldn't eat and refused to perform, they were force-fed. Just a few weeks later, one of the dolphins died from heart failure. Water Land tried to cover up the dolphin's death by claiming the dolphin had never existed. All of this is documented on video.

    In the spring of 2001, Water Land abandoned two dolphins in the mountains of Santa Lucia, Guatemala, after the Guatemalan authorities discovered that some of Water Land's paper work had been falsified. When animal welfare organizations inspected Water Land's operation, they were shocked to find that the dolphins were kept in a small, filthy tank with no filtration system.

    The dolphins had not eaten in 10 days and were severely dehydrated. It created a public outcry when it was discovered that Water Land had simply left the helpless dolphins in the mountains to starve to death.

    Dolphins are free-ranging and highly intelligent marine mammals. They do not belong in a substandard tank, performing circus tricks for tourists as part of a traveling menagerie. No one should be allowed to profit from the misery of these animals, and I hereby urge you to confiscate the dolphins.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding this urgent matter.


    Additional Address:

  • The Honorable John Rahael
    Minister of Agriculture, Land and Marine Resources
    PO Box 389
    White Hall, St. Clair Circle, St. Clair
    Trinidad, West Indies
    Fax: 001-868-6228202

  • Gesellschaft zur Rettung der Delphine
    German Dolphin Conservation Society
    Kornwegerstr. 37 - 81375 München - Germany
    Tel.: 0049-89-74 16 04 10 - Fax: 0049-89-74 16 04 11

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