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No legislation in Ontario means that facilities like Marineland are free to operate without penalty, regardless of how badly the animals are treated!



An Eyewitness Account as told by former Marine Mammal Trainer at Marineland -- Kiera Newman:

As a former Marine Mammal Trainer at Marineland, I can comment on the treatment or condition of the orcas, dolphins, seals and sea lions. With respect to these animals, I believe that if the above definition defines distress, I witnessed many of these animal in distress. Seals and sea lions were going blind because of the ozone chlorine levels, the animals were starved to well below their normal weight to allow the trainers to control them on stage.

The dolphins were beaten on occasion, the holding facilities were small and featureless. An adult whale, Junior, was kept in a small pool. in the warehouse, until he finally died without seeing the sky for years. And all of this within the secrecy that was required of the Marineland staff. I don't doubt that they truly care about the animals: I do doubt that they have the ability and expertise to care for the animals. And I mourn all to the animals who have died because they weren't properly cared for and those that live on in distress awaiting justice!"