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***LAST UPDATE - APRIL 2, 2009***

Slaughter of the Innocent
Slaughter of the Innocent

Take Action! July 7, 2008 - TWO MAKAHS TO SERVE TIME FOR ILLEGALLY SLAUGHTERING A GRAY WHALE. A federal judge last Monday decided to lock up two Makah tribal members for illegally killing a gray whale last September. While three others received two years probation. The whalers doing time are Andy Noel and Wayne Johnson. The two were charged for violating the Marine Mammal Protection Act. The judge said of the two, "they decided to take the law into their own hands. They defied their own community and the laws of this country, which they well know". The judge also charged Johnson of "thumbing his nose at the court". He then ordered that the two be taken into custody immediately. For the full story visit The Seattle Times.

Take Action! FEBRUARY 20, 2008 - JAPAN SLAUGHTERS MOTHER MINKE AND BABY!" The disturbing proof of the cruel slaughter of minke whales in the southern Ocean has just been released revealing photos of a mother and her less than 1 year old baby being winched aboard a Japanese whaler, Yushin Maru. The pair was killed with explosive harpoons.. Obviously this is commercial whaling disguised as scientific research. For the full story and horrific pics and video check out Adelaide Now website.

Take Action! FEBRUARY 20, 2008 - AQUARIUM IN TURKEY BUYS INTO DOLPHIN SLAUGHTER - WDCS is very concerned to learn about the export of at least ten bottlenose dolphins captured in Taiji, Japan, in the infamous drive hunts, to Turkey, for display in an aquarium due to open to the public later this year. In a press release issued today, SAD-DEMAG, Turkey’s Underwater Research Society's Marine Mammal Research Group expressed its disappointment that their government had allowed an import of dolphins captured in cruel drive hunts and warned the public against visiting dolphinariums holding these animals in captivity. For the full story check out WDCS.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 28, 2007 - WHALING SECRETS YOUR NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW! Japan is killing protected whales in a marine mammal sanctuary, selling illegal whale meat and buying pro-whaling votes in an international decision-making body. More than 25,000 whales have been hunted and killed since the ban on whaling was imposed. Even more shocking, this unsanctioned killing is happening in the protected waters of Antarctica’s Southern Ocean Marine Sanctuary, defying international law. How is this possible? To learn more please visit IFAW.

Gray Whale Slaughter

- Illegally Slaughtered Gray Whale -

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 23, 2007 - MAKAH MUST BE DENIED PERMIT TO KILL ANY GRAY WHALES! Obviously the Makah Tribal Council has absolutely no control over their selected whalers. Killing this whale not only violated international law and U.S. federal law - they violated the laws of the Makah Nation. They knew they would never be permitted to kill a resident whale in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, a National Marine Sanctuary. They stalked a docile feeding whale. This was an extraordinarily cruel act! NOAA is investigating the unauthorized killing to determine how to proceed with processing the tribes MMPA waiver request. PLEASE TAKE ACTION TODAY! You can get all the info you need to make your phone calls and letters from SeaShepherd.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 - MAKAH ILLEGALLY KILL GRAY WHALE! On September 8, a gray whale was harpooned then shot with a .50 caliber rifle by five members of the Makah Nation of Neah Bay, Washington. According to the U.S. Coast Guard the whale suffered for 12 AGONINIZING hours before it finally died. Clearly this was an illegal hunt. At face value this blatant slaughter proves the the Makah will never follow regulations that pertain to subsistance whale kills. For the full story visit THE SEATTLE PI.

Take Action! DECEMBER 29, 2006 - **RUSSIAN ORCA CAPTURES FOR 2007** As the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, approves a quota of eight orcas (killer whales) for capture in Russian waters in 2007, WDCS is at least pleased to report that the 2006 season for live orca captures in Russian waters has ended without a single animal being caught. As winter arrives, the window of opportunity for capture teams seeking wild orcas to sell to aquariums and marine parks has closed. Please visit WDCS for the full story.

Take Action! OCTOBER 23, 2006 - WHALING SECRETS YOUR'E NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW! “If we can imagine a horse having two or three explosive spearin the streets of London while its blood pours into the gutter, we shall have an idea of the method of killing whales. The gunners themselves admit that if whales could scream, the industry would stop for nobody would be able to stand it.” Japanese whaling is not about science at all .. it is simply whaling in disguise. Please visit WHALES IN DANGER. to read the brutal truth.

Take Action! LUNA HAS DIED. At 9:30 this morning Luna - the lone orca from L-pod who has been in Nootka Sound since July of 2001 - was killed after an unfortunate interaction with a large tugboat. This little whale was known around the world and, since his arrival in the Sound, his fate has been the source of much controversy. Even though people had very strong opinions with regards to what should be done with Luna, this is truly a tragic ending and one that very few people would have wanted to see happen. My opinion is we DO have some folks to blame. I can't help but think that taking Luna home to his natural waters and family - was the right thing to do. He would have been much safer not to mention happier. As it was - he was NEVER TO GO HOME. Ya know, I live in Oklahoma and have never seen an orca in the wild, much less Luna. Luna pulled my heart strings state by state. Thank you Luna for your short life on this earth. Your young life leaves a legacy unlike any other.
Take Action! JANUARY 22, 2006 - COOK INLET'S BELUGA WHALE NUMBERS DROPPING. A survey of beluga whales in Cook Inlet finds that numbers remain stagnant and could be declining despite a lengthy effort to get the white whales to rebound. For the full story visit my NEWSPAGE.

Take Action! JANUARY 21, 2006 - **CAPTIVE MALE ORCA DIES AT SLUMZOO** It has been reported that "Kandu", a male orca held at SLUMZOO/Marineland in Niagara, Canada, died in December. Kandu was Marineland's only male orca. Cause in not yet known. Captured from the wild in Iceland in 1984, he was thought to have been in his twenties. Kandu was captured at 6 years old. For the full story please visit my NEWSPAGE.

TAKE ACTION! JOIN THE WORLD-WIDE PROTEST AGAINST THE SLAUGHTER OF DOLPHINS IN TAIJI ON OCTOBER 8! Every year, fishermen in Japan hunt and kill about 20,000 dolphins and small whales in the most brutal way imaginable. This is the largest massacre of dolphins anywhere in the world. Help stop this slaughter by joining our protest in cities around the world... Please visit SEASHEPERD for more info.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 9, 2005 - STOP THE SLAUGHTER! OCTOBER 8TH DAY OF PROTEST. An international day of protest has been organized to urge the Japanese authorities to ban the brutal and insane slaughter of dolphins. Every year, September through April, Japanese fishermen hunt and kill about 20,000 dolphins and other whales in the most brutal torture imaginable. This is the largest massacre of dolphins anywhere in the world. Please visit WDCS to learn more about this slaughter and what you can do to help. Another great source is BlueVoice.Org. If you can stomach it BlueVoice.ORG offers a video of the slaughter.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 5, 2005 - MAKAH ASKING OFFICIALS TO WAIVE MARINE MAMMAL ACT SO THEY CAN SLAUGHTER MORE GRAY WHALES! In October the Makah Tribe of Washington State will be the subject of three public hearings. Since the Makah murdered a young whale in May, 1999, their whaling activities were shut down. I strongly oppose the slaughter of more whales and call on all to keep an all to do the same. I'll post news as I get it. I believe to this day, the dedication of hundreds of activists saved many gray whale lives. For the full story visit PENINSULA DAILY NEWS. You can also visit SeaShepherd for a wealth of info.

Take Action! AUGUST 2, 2005 - CAPTIVE DOLPHINS SENT TO ITALY. PLEASE SEND E-MAILS VOICING YOUR OPPOSITION! Bottlenose dolphins have recently been imported to Italy for a new marine park near Rome, despite concerns over the suffering caused to dolphins in captivity. We believe that Zoomarine, who are responsible for the new Italian marine park, may be breaking Italian laws surrounding the use of captive dolphins. We are fighting to end trade in live dolphins. Please join the WDCS campaign by sending a CAMPAIGN E-CARD to the relevant authorities in Italy in protest.
Victory! AUGUST 5, 2005 - **DOLPHIN AND WHALE CAPTIVITY BANNED IN COSTA RICA!** KUDOS to the government of Costa Rica. Keeping whales and dolphins in captivity, as well as swim-with programs are now banned. The new law is now in effect after pressure from environmental groups.

Take Action! JULY 9, 2005 - JAPAN TO SLAUGHTER HUMPBACK WHALES! Japan has announced it's plans to expand it's pseudo-scientific whaling to include humpback and finback whales in the South Pacific despite international protest. Japan will carry out a hunt on these highly endangered whales. TAKE ACTION NOW. Please visit BLUEVOICE to learn how to help save these whales!

Take Action JULY 9, 2005 - **GRAY WHALE NURSERY CAMPAIGN** NRDC has launched a new campaign to safeguard the Gray Whale Nursery in Baja, Mexico by buying up the development rights to the surrounding one million acres and putting them off-limits to industry forever. Dick Russell, author of EYE OF THE WHALE, is writing about his experiences at the Laguna San Ignacio whale nursery as the NRDC Action Fund's guest blogger . Please visit the NRDC ACTION FUND to learn more.

Take Action!July 9, 2005 - GRAY WHALE NURSERY UNDER ATTACK AGAIN. Mexico's San Ignacio Lagoon is the only gray whale birthing ground left on Earth that has not been despoiled by human encroachment. Each winter, hundreds of pregnant gray whales swim 4,000 miles from the Arctic to reach this perfect lagoon nursery with its warm, tranquil waters for giving birth . . . complete sanctuary from killer orcas . . . and placid surf where one-ton newborns can hone their swimming skills for the arduous journey back to Alaska. Five years ago, one million people from around the world and stopped Mexico and the Mitsubishi Corporation from building the world's largest salt factory on the banks of this irreplaceable natural treasure. But the whales' nursery never received permanent protection. And, today, there are ominous signs that San Ignacio Lagoon may soon be threatened by plans for industrialization . . . oil and gas drilling . . . massive high-rise hotels . . . and resort marinas with ocean-bound ships. To learn how you can help please visit NRDC SAVE BIO-GEMS.

Take Action! AUGUST 4, 2004 - ANOTHER WHALE DEATH AT MARINELAND **SLUMZOO* "NEOCIA" a 12 year old orca has died at Marineland. Actually it's the seventh death in that period of time, not counting a miscarriage by Nootka 5 in the winter of 2001/2002. Missing in the list above are five year old male Nova, born to Kiska on 1996/11/06, who died on 2001/08/20, and this year's female calf of Nootka 5, born on 2004/04/07, that died sometime this May (Marineland Ontario neither gave the cause nor the exact date of death). There are some rumours that Neocia's death was caused by pneumonia, most common among captive cetaceans. Source: ORCA HOMEPAGE - Stefan Jacobs. Please sign this PETITION calling for an inquiry into the Marineland deaths!

Take Action! JULY 14, 2004 - **URGENT STOP DOLPHIN IMPORTS AND TRANSFERS IN MEXICO!** July 2003 Mexican authorities were subject to much international condemnation following the importation of 28 dolphins captured from the wild in the Solomon Islands. The dolphins were held at Parque Nizuc in Cancun. Shortly after their import it was reported that dolphin deaths had occurred and the facility was closed to allow investigations to be carried out. Concerns were raised due to the fact that the imported dolphins were a different species from those already held at the facility, and CITES regulations state that exotic species should not be introduced into a protected area due to the possibility of transferring any infection to the local species. It has now been proven that some of the imported animals tested positive for disease which can endanger local marine life. There have also been reports of three dolphin deaths since importation plus two calves born at Parque Nizuc which did not survive. Subsequently, fears were raised as to the legality of documentation provided relating to the captures and import. Our colleagues in Mexico now tell us that following this, the owners of the facility were instructed that none of the dolphins should be moved or transferred until the criminal judge determined the fate of the animals. DESPITE THIS the owners recently moved 15 of the animals to their new facility Playa Palancar in Cozumel. Laws have quite clearly been violated. In view of these facts, we ask on behalf of all concerned with dolphin welfare worldwide that the President intervene immediately, arrange for all of the imported dolphins to be confiscated, returned to the Solomon Islands, and released back into the wild in the waters from which they were so horrifically captured.
Please sign this PETITION and forward. We can make a difference!

Take Action! DECEMBER 2, 2003 - US APPEALS COURT RULES AGAINST MAKAH WHALE HUNT!! EARLY CHRISTMAS FOR THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST GRAY WHALES AND TO ALL OF US THAT HAVE FOUGHT TO KEEP THEM FROM KILLING AGAIN! A United States federal appeals court has refused to reconsider its December 2002 ruling that gray whale hunts by the Makah Tribe must be subject to a full environmental impact statement and a special permit for the whalers. !!MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Take Action! OCTOBER 2, 2003 - **RUSSIAN ORCA CAPTURES!**OUTRAGE AS FIRST ORCA IS CAPTURED IN RUSSIAN WATERS! As we are aware of the capture of whales and dolphins from the wild is a brutal procedure that wrenches individual animals from their family groups. Many die during capture. Those who deny the threat posed by captivity to the survival of individual whales need only look at the mounting death tolls from around the world. Of course the almighty dollar is the major player in the capture of these animals. Please visit WDCSfor the full story.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 - MILITARY SONAR: REPRIEVE FOR MARINE LIFE AND A VICTORY FOR CONSERVATION. On August 26 in California District Court the judge ruled that the controversial Low Frequency Active Sonar (LFAS) that the U.S. Navy wishes to deploy is impacting upon marine life and it's use must be restricted. Visit WDCS for the full story.

Take Action! JULY 26, 2003 - **SOLOMON ISLANDS UPDATE** It seems 20 dolphins have been captured and currently for sale. Local fishermen in the Solomon Islands are being paid as little as $260 to collect dolphins in the wild. So far the dolphins collected are confined in tiny pens waiting to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This trade violates international law, and puts wildlife in both Solomon Islands and Mexico at risk. You can help by urging Mexico to revoke import permits for these dolphins and return them to the wild where they belong. To learn more and for the addresses you will need, please visit WDCS.

Take Action! JULY 13, 2003 - LARGEST EVER DOLPHIN CAPTURE! OUTRAGE OVER "DOLPHIN FOR DOLLARS SCHEME! Dozens of wild dolphins have been caught in the Solomon Islands and are being held in make-shift pens as part of a scheme by a foreign syndicate to sell them around the world. The dolphins are in a "living hell" as you can imagine. One dolphin that was trained for show was killed by a crocodile. To learn how you can help please visit THE DOLPHIN PROJECT. Please act now on behalf of these dolphins!

Take Action! APRIL 27, 2003 - ***IRIS IS DEAD AT THE DUISBURG ZOO***THEY KILLED HER!***On April 13th, 2003 the tragic news reached us : after a long and serious depression the dolphin Iris died in her small pool in the Zoo in Duisburg, probably around March 23th, 2003. Despite our urgent request the so-called "keepers" refused to treat her. According to our sources, it could have been a long programmed euthanasia in order to silence the living scandal that this brave dolphin was victim of. To read Yvon's statement in which I'm totally in agreement with - check out our NEWSPAGE.

Take Action! FEBRUARY 26, 2003 - **LA PAZ DOLPHIN UPDATE** - Most of you know the story of the La Paz dolphins and our struggle to free them. We've pleaded with the Mexican government to intervene and release them. However, there were many behind the scenes maneuverings taking place, preventing the release of these dolphins. Mexican President Vicente Fox is planning an upcoming trip to La Paz. It IS IMPORTANT for President Fox and other Mexican government officials to understand, by the way of e-mails and faxes that we have waited in good faith for them to decide whether or not they are going to rehabilitate and release the seven surviving dolphins. For a list of contacts visit our NEWSPAGE. For those of you that don't know the history of these dolphins CLICK HERE.

Take Action FEBRUARY 26, 2003 - MAKAH WHALING ILLEGAL! WE'VE KNOWN THAT ALL ALONG! In May 1999 a young female gray whale slowly died off the Washington Coast after being shot 3 times - once with a harpoon and twice with a high-powered .50-caliber rifle. To this day that horrible image still haunts me as I'm sure it does so many of us that fight daily for the survial of these wonderful creatures. Hopefully this has been put to rest. Only time will tell .. but I celebrate knowing the gray whales around the Washington Coast can for now ..exist in peace! For the full story please visit the THE SEATTLE TIMES. PLEASE keep your eye on this from time to time as I have a feeling that this battle isn't over yet!

Take Action! JANUARY 13, 2002 - CALIFORNIA JUDGE HALTS SONAR TESTING ON MIGRATING GRAY WHALES. It seems everyone wants a piece of the gray whale! Environmentalists filed a lawsuit asking the judge to block scientists from studying the impacts of this newly developed sonar on migrating gray whales which would be devastating to them, disorienting them and separating mothers and calves during their migration. For the full story visit THE HERALD TRIBUNE.

Take Action! DECEMBER 26, 2002 - **MAKAH WHALING UPDATE** VICTORY!! GRAY WHALES GET CHRISTMAS PRESENT - AND A VERY PERSONAL GIFT FOR ME AS WELL! A federal appeals court stopped whaling by the Makah tribe of Neah Bay, WA. The Makah are forbidden to hunt gray whales off the coast of Washington State until the government conducts a full-blown analysis. This is the second time the court has told the U.S. government that they failed to prepare an adequate environmental study of the Makah whale hunt. THIS IS INDEED, GREAT NEWS!! Many thanks to everyone that cared enough to fight for these awesome whales!

Take Action! NOVEMBER 19, 2002 - **MAKAH WHALING UPDATE** The federal appellate court hearing the Makah hunt appeal may be signaling a federal change, leaning toward preventing a future hunt, based on the grounds that the Marine Mammal Protection Act may in fact supercede any existing treaty laws under which the Makah had previously promulgated their hunt. This is an amazing development! Visit our NEWSPAGE for the full story.

Take Action! OCTOBER 29, 2002 - AQUARIUMS AND SWIM-WITH PROGRAMS LINKED TO DOLPHIN DRIVES! BlueVoice.org has learned the aquariums and dolphin swim-with programs offer more than $3,000 per live dolphin taken. Without the "dolphin drives/dolphin slaughters" it would be difficult and costly to get dolphins for aquariums. Please visit BLUEVOICE.ORG for the full story.

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 9, 2002 - 200 PILOT WHALES AND 35 DOLPHINS SLAUGHTERED IN THE FAROE ISLANDS! Faroese news has reported that four hunts or "grinds" took place on 3 September. Around 200 pilot whales and 35 bottlenose dolphins were taken. Two of the grinds took place near the capital Torshavn. No further news is available yet.

Take Action! AUGUST 23, 2002 - **ACTION ALERT!** HELP TO SAVE THE LA PAZ AND MANATI PARK DOLPHINS! Two of the most inhumane captive dolphin facilities are Manati Park in the Dominican Republic and the dolphinarium in La Paz, Mexico. Dolphins have died in both facilities and animal welfare groups have been working hard to shut them down and have the dolphins returned to the wild. The La Paz facility has been shut down, but the dolphins are still held captive in their small tanks. Your letters to the Mexican government are needed to help release these dolphins before they perish. The battle to shut down the dolphin facility at Manati Park is far from over - the Dominican Government recently gave the Park permission to capture eight more dolphins in Dominican waters, even though those waters have been designated a Marine Mammal Sanctuary. Visit our NEWSPAGE for the addresses you will need to send your letters. MANY THANKS!

Take Action! AUGUST 16, 2002 - **ANOTHER WHALE DEATH AT SLUMZOO!** "Algonquin", the three year-old son of Nootka has died at Marineland. In case your keeping track, that is 10 cetaceans who have died in the past 5 years, bringing the grand total to 38. Please write to the Canadian Minister of Fisheries and ask him to implement an immediate moratorium on the import and export of cetaceans in Canada. Visit our NEWSPAGE the the contacts.

Take Action! MAY 31, 2002 - PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS! My dream one day is that somewhere in the near future we will need no "handling and treament of marine mammals", but since we are pre-disposed to such existing factors, please send your comments! Please visit the USDA to learn how you can help!

Take Action! MAY 13, 2002 - **RUSSIAN WHALE FAMILIES THREATENED BY CAPTIVE INDUSTRY! The days of freedom for the first wild killer whales to be studied in Russia may be numbered. The Russian government has recently given permission for up to ten orcas to be captured from the Russian waters for captive display! Visit WDCS for the full story!

Take Action! APRIL 8, 2002 - **ACTION ALERT!** HELP STOP RUSSIAN HUNT OF OVER 1,500 BELUGA WHALES! The Russian government has recently published it's 2002 capture quota for marine mammals in Russian waters. Please visit WDCS for the full story and addresses you will need for you letters.

Take Action! MARCH 21, 2002 - HELP SAVE THE LA PAZ DOLPHINS! IT'S NOW TIME TO ACT! We have all watched and protested as eight dolphins were dragged into the inhumane sea pens at "FINS, Dolphin Learning Center" in La Paz, BCS, Mexico last year, and have been subjected to abuse and neglect ever since. "Luna" died soon after her capture because of the stress and trauma. We all wondered how the rest would survive the heat, abuse and conditions, but they have. WE MUST ACT NOW TO SAVE THEM! Visit our NEWSPAGE for the full story and the addresses you will need! THANKS!

Take Action! DECEMBER 12, 2001 - HELP TO CLOSE THE DOLPHIN TANK AT MANATI PARK BAVARO -- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- ONE OF THE MOST EXPLOITIVE IN THE WORLD! Manati Park keeps five dolphins in a tiny concrete tank where they have to perform several shows a day and are allowed to be touched by almost 200 people a day. An expert says he has never seen dolphins as overworked as those at Manati Park! Please visit our NEWSPAGE for the full story and to learn how you can help these dolphins! There is now an ONLINE-PETITION calling for the closure of the dolphin tank at Manati Park Bavaro!

Take Action! DECEMBER 7, 2001 - VIEW THE STREAMING VIDEO OF THE JAPANESE PILOT WHALE SLAUGHTERS IN TAIJI, JAPAN , BROUGHT TO YOU BY BLUEVOICE.ORG. If this video angers you, then PLEASE do something about these attrocities!! To view the video visitBLUEVOICE.ORG. To learn how you can take action visit BLUEVOICE.ORG'S HOMEPAGE.

Take Action! DECEMBER 6, 2001 - HELP SAVE THE DOLPHINS IN JAPAN! Please take a moment of your time to sign this PETITION. To those or you who have lists or websites, please do all you can to propogate this petition. The drive fishery in Japan is on shakey legs. We can knock them over and end this brutality if we act!

Take Action! OCTOBER 14, 2001 - PROTEST THE SLAUGHTER OF DOLPHINS AND WHALES IN JAPAN!! On October 9 in Taiji, Japan, fishermen slaughtered atleast 20 whales by slashing them with knives. U.S. and Japanese conservationists led by BLUEVOICE.ORG executive director Hardy Jones captured this on video, deterring the fishernmen from killing the rest of the whales. Visit CSI for the full story and to learn how you can help! PROTEST THE SLAUGHTER!! HELP THE BLUEVOICE.ORG TEAM!!

Take Action! OCTOBER 10 - 2001 - BJOSSA IS DEAD AT SEAWORLD!! "Bjossa" the 25-year-old female Icelandic orca has died at SeaWorld, San Diego. Bjossa was moved from the Vancouver Aquarium last April to SeaWorld. Bjossa has been ill off and on her entire life of captivity. She is now FREE! I'd personally like to express my sympathies to Annelise Sorg of the Coalition For No Whales In Captivity and all who loved Bjossa. Visit BJOSSA'S PAGE for the story. There is also an archive of "Bjossa News".

Take Action! SEPTEMBER 25, 2001 - STOP THE RUSSIAN CAPTURE OF ORCAS FOR THE NAGOYA PORT AQUARIUM IN JAPAN! YOUR IMMEDIATE ATTENTION IS NEEDED! Please urge the aquarium not to display live orcas and to go back to their idea of displaying mechanical orcas. Visit our NEWSPAGE for the story, and the list of contacts. THANKS to all of you that are sending letters and faxes. Let them know what we think and urge them to do the right thing!

APRIL 5, 2001 - HELP TO PUT AN IMMEDIATE BAN ON THE LIVE CAPTURE AND TRADE OF WHALES AND DOLPHINS! CANADA'S HOUSE OF COMMONS SHOWN VIDEO OF CAPTURED BELUGAS SQUEALING IN PAIN. "NDP MP" Libby Davies will table a private members motion in the House of Commons (Canada) calling for an immediate ban on the live capture of whales and dolphins. Also of concern is the practice of so-called "whale laundering". Marine parks in other countries can use Canada's lax system as a loophole to get around their tougher laws. Visit for the full story to to learn how you can help!

Take Action! AUGUST 19, 2000 - ***DYING TO ENTERTAIN YOU!!***SECOND BELUGA IS DEAD AT SLUMZOO (MARINELAND)!! Visitors reported that the beluga apppeared to be swimming normally as they watched through the underwater view window. WE NOW KNOW THAT SHE WAS DYING! Visit HSUS and WDCS to read more on the beluga death and the recent rash of cetacean deaths due to captivity!

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